Metaplot Information

Forrest gump
Did you ever see the movie Forrest Gump? One of the great things about that film is how the main character’s journey leads to him directly encountering and influencing the course of history in small ways. Simply put, that’s the whole principle behind this story. The characters are living in, interacting with, and in their own ways shaping the history of the World of Darkness. Your choices could influence the lives of significant Cainites, determine the path of a Clan’s history, change the course of undead wars, or even reshape the destiny of Gehenna.

So run, Forrest, run.


The Clans

  • Information on all the clans and several of the bloodlines.

The Sects

  • Information regarding the Camarilla, Sabbat, Independents, and Anarchs.

Metaplot Information

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