House Rules

Chat Rules

Players are encouraged to write their characters actions just as if they were writing a story. This form of narrative is meant to emphasize description in how the characters interact with their world and eachother.
Strive to keep your descriptions in the third person: don’t inject your thoughts and only describe those feelings you portray externally. Thoughts and emotions are almost impossible to know (unless you’ve got Auspex or crazy high Empathy or some such)
If you chatspeak I will personally eat, fuck, and kill you dead.

The Forum

The forum exists as your characters diary, a record of what transpires between eras, and a place to post those stories that take place outside the main thread. Each player is encouraged to begin their own thread on creation and add to it as their character’s story progresses. Posts in the character logs will earn the player 1 exp per qualifying post.

House Rules

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