Character Creation

Rule number 1

  • Everything is subject to approval by the Storyteller.

Concept and backstory
For those characters beginning at the beginning your characters will be subjects, citizens, slaves, thieves, guards or other otherwise mortal denizens of the Second City; the imperfect recreation of Enoch, ruled by antediluvian vampire masters. The characters are to be embraced in the last days of the Second City in the frenzy of the first time of Thin Blood, by whatever means are suitable to the history you’re writing.

If a player/character is entering the game at a later point, concept and history will be determined at that time, hopefully working in a way to tie the new character to the original characters (ie. Childe of a fallen comrade, ally from a former adventure, repentant enemy, etc).

Basic creation rules
For beginning characters, create your characters from the basic rules outlined on page 103 of the Revised Vampire: the Masquerade book. (please see note below regarding rules on Generation)

Allocated points might change for characters entering the game after the beginning, and will be determined in relation to the average power levels of the existing characters.

GenerationThe starting generation for characters created at the beginning of play may be no lower than 13th. This is because the characters are embraced during the time of Thin Blood just before the fall of the Second City. However, the game will span centuries and I assure you there will be plenty of opportunities for your characters to grow stronger (with or without the Amaranth).

In the event of a character coming in at a later point in the game, the new character will be allowed to lower their Generation to a level determined by the average of the existing characters. (Unless everybody is dead and making new characters, in which case you’ll probably all hate me. But, if you don’t, starting generation will be determined at such a time depending on the circumstances.)

ClansAs stated before, the characters are embraced in the Second City. Therefore, only those clans that were present before the fall are permitted. Bloodlines had only begun to develop amongst the clans (Old Clan Tzimisce vs Vicissitude bearers, True Brujah vs Troile’s get, the beginnings of the Baali, etc). It is possible (with a serious degree of will and strength in the blood) for the characters to found bloodlines themselves in the course of the game and alter their own Clan.

Character Creation

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